Our Strategy

The Africa Scout Foundation Board, with the support of the world Scout Bureau Africa Support Centre has developed a five-year strategic plan to guide its operations. This was necessitated by the need to consolidate and refocus the work of the Foundation in order to give impetus to the achievement of its objectives.

This strategic plan is anchored on four priority areas whose accomplishment will propel the Foundation to greater heights. These are Leadership Development, Stakeholders Engagement, Financial Growth and Sustainability and Communication, Marketing and Networking.

Priority 1: Leadership Development

This priority are focuses on the Board and Secretariat of the Foundation. The board should be composed of volunteers that have the capacity and motivation to fundraise and inspire the growth and development of Scouting in the Region. The work of the Board should be supported by a functional secretariat adequately resourced to fulfill the mission of the foundation. This is to be driven by the mantra “aim high and don’t sell yourself short”

Priority 2: Stakeholders Engagement

The ASF aims to develop strategies to better engage its current and potential members and instill a sense of ownership in them through being accountable to them. This would ensure every member actively participates in the activities of the foundation and contributes towards raising its stakes. Better engagement of the different stakeholders will ultimately unlock more funding opportunities and widen the ASF support base.

Priority 3: Financial Growth and Sustainability

To ensure that Scouting in Africa continues to make a positive impact not only to the current but also the future generations, the Africa Scout Foundation will continue engaging in activities and initiatives that guarantee financial growth and sustainability. The ambition of the foundation is to endow Scouting in Africa with a minimum target of USD 1 million by 2023.

Priority 4: Communication, Marketing and Networking.

The Africa Scout Foundation should establish efficient and effective systems for communicating to current and potential donors in order to build and maintain the critical awareness on its cause and progress. By building a favourable image through marketing and advocacy the Foundation will position itself as a credible partner to attract and retain donors who believe in the value and impact of the work of Scouting in Africa.The more detailed strategic plan with the corresponding actions under each strategic priority is provided in a separate document. Download the plan here

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